Disclosure Policy & Advertising

From time to time, you might notice some ads throughout my pages. I’m going to keep it limited, but I’d love to be able to eventually foot the bill for running this site through the adverts on it. I am also an Amazon Affiliate, but I promise you, I will only recommend things that I myself use and love, as you’ll probably notice in my posts. There may be other affiliate links from time to time as I get going. The nature of some of what we’ll cover here means there will be products I’m recommending. Additionally, if a company, or anyone, offers me a free product in exchange for my review here, you’ll know about it in the post. And I’m pretty strict on what I’ll put in or on or around my body, as, again, you’ll see. Basically, you can expect honesty. I won’t tell you I love something unless I’ve already told my best friend, sister, mother, aunties, and on and on I could go.

So, yeah. This probably wasn’t that necessary. But, you know, for the sake of honesty… That’s my full disclosure 🙂